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Welcome to
community team racing services

This site is created and maintained by Harald (sailing the boat "euphoria"). I'm an International Umpire and use VSK as a training tool for umpiring. There is no better way than using VSK to stay sharp during the winter months, and in particular with the help of team racing. In addition to being and IU, I'm a structural engineer professionaly. I like to code as an hobby, and this site is one of the results... It was originally the old home for the team racing club ITBYC, which was founded in 2000. Now time has passed, the club is no longer active, and the old site is moved to this address - as a public service for the team racing community.

At the moment there is not much activity among the established teams, but this may change. Feel free to challenge other active teams, if you are up for this. Anyway, there is still alot daily casual team racing - which is the most important part. Team Racing should not be made too serious.

The Team Racing Cup, which was launced recently, is avilable for all to use. It replaces the old Random Pairs Cup. Any member of this community can organize their own TRC's. It's a fully automated service, only a few clicks away.

Please use the forum for protests, rules questions or suggestions for the site. There is a seperate login-system for the forum, so you have to create a separate user there, if you are not already registered.

For voice communication, announcements and direct messages between the skippers, it's recommended to use Discord. This is a most likely the best communication platform for these purposes (instead of WhatsApp and Skype). Follow the link from the menu to the left to enter.

Finally a tip with regards to rules and penalties: If you have right of way, use this to control your opponent. Secondary it can be used to penalize your opponent, but this should follow naturally... If you swap that priority, it is very likely that you end up getting a penalty yourself for breaking rule 15 or 16. See you on the water!