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Version 2019-11-16

APPENDIX D FOR VSK5, 2017-2020

VSK5 Team races shall be sailed under The Racing Rules of Sailing as changed by this appendix.
D1.1 Definitions and the Rules of Part 2 and 4
(a) In the definition Zone the distance is changed to two hull lengths.
(b) Rule 18.2(b) is changed to:
If boats are overlapped when the first of them reaches the zone, the outside boat at that moment shall thereafter give the inside boat mark-room. If a boat is clear ahead when she reaches the zone, or she later becomes clear ahead when another boat passes head to wind, the boat clear astern at that moment shall thereafter give her mark-room.
(c) Rule 18.4 is deleted.
(d) The first sentence of Rule 20.1 is changed to ‘A boat may hail for room to tack (‘RTT’) and avoid a boat on the same tack.’
(e) Rule 20.2(c) is changed to ‘A hailed boat shall respond either by tacking as soon as possible, or by immediately replying ‘You tack’ (‘YT’/‘T’) or if she is able to, wait until the hailing boat begins her tacking maneuver and then giving the hailing boat room to tack and avoid her.’
(f) Rule 20.2(d) is changed to ‘When a hailed boat responds, or has been given time to respond, the hailing boat shall tack as soon as possible.’
(g) Add to rule 41: ‘However, a boat may receive help from another member of her team.’
(h) Rule 14 does not apply for a boat with right of way, or a boat entitled to room or mark-room.
D1.2 Other Additional Rules
(a) There shall be no penalty for breaking a rule of Part 2 when the incident is between boats on the same team and there is no contact.
(b) If VSK assigns a penalty that was a consequence of another boat on the same team breaking a rule, the boat that got the VSK penalty will be concidered as the one breaking a rule. She will not be exonerated under rule 64.1(c) unless the other boat on the same team is exonerated.
(c) A boat that has broken a rule just before or after crossing the finish line, and is unable to take a penalty turn due to being classified as finished by VSK, will have her finishing position adjusted as if she promptly would have taken one or more penalty turns.
D2.1 Protests and Exoneration
(a) Rule 60.1(a) is changed to ‘protest another boat, but not for an alleged breach of a rule of Part 2 unless she was involved in the incident or the incident involved contact between members of the other team; or’.
(b) Rule 61.1 is changed to ‘A boat intending to protest shall inform the other boat at the first reasonable opportunity. When her protest concerns an incident in the racing area that she is involved in or sees, she shall
(1) hail ‘P’ in the VSK chat for a situation where VSK assigned a penalty, and the protestor and the protestee are the two boats refered to in the VSK call, or
(2) hail ‘P Boatname in the VSK chat for any other protest
at the first reasonable opportunity. There is no need to hail for a VSK assigned penalty that is not cancelled, as this will be concidered as a valid hail for protest by default. If a boat is requesting additional penalty turns, the ‘P’ in the protest hail should be replaced by ‘PX’, or she should after the ordinary hail suplement by hailing ‘PX’ in the VSK chat. The ‘PX’ hail is necessary in order to be able to utilize rule D3.1(c)(1)’
(c) A boat that, while racing, may have broken a rule of Part 2 may take a One-Turn penalty under rule 44.2.
D3.1 (a) Each boat finishing a race shall be scored points equal to her finishing place. All other boats shall be scored points equal to the number of boats entitled to race.
(b) In addition, a boat's points shall be increased as follows:
Classification Penalty points

Any refused request to cancel a penalty, when the requester were not to be penalized 10

Any rule broken while racing for which a penalty has not been taken after a valid protest 6

Any hail for protest at situations where the opponent clearly didn't break any rule 1

(c) After a hearing the protest committee may additionally penalize as follows:
(1) When a boat has broken a rule and as a result her team has gained an advantage, it may increase that boat's points.
(2) When a boat has broken rule 1 or 2, or a rule when not racing, it may penalize the boat's team by half or more race wins, or it may impose no penalty.
(d) The team with the lower total points wins the race. If the totals are equal, the team that did not have the first-place boat wins.
D3.2 When all boats on one team have finished, retired or failed to start, the host may stop the race. The other team's boats racing at that time shall be scored the points they would have received had they finished.
D4.1 When two or more teams are competing in a series, the winner shall be the team scoring the greatest number of race wins. The other teams shall be ranked in order of number of race wins.
D4.2 When necessary, ties in a completed series shall be broken using, in order,
(a) the number of races won when the tied teams met;
(b) the points scored when the tied teams met;
(c) if two teams remain tied, the last race between them;
(d) total points scored in all races against common opponents;
(e) a sail-off if possible, otherwise a game of chance.
If a tie is partially resolved by one of these, then the remaining tie shall be broken by starting again at rule D4.2(a).
D4.3 If a series is not completed, teams shall be ranked according to the results from completed rounds, and ties shall be broken whenever possible using the results from races between the tied teams in the incomplete round. If no round has been completed, teams shall be ranked in order of their percentages of races won. Other ties shall be broken as provided in rule D4.2.