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Welcome to
VSK Team Challenge
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Ladder Ranking
Ranking Country Team Name Club Races Wins Rating Challenge
0 RUSRUS TeamVSK Rus1782 %1737Request
0 FRAFrench MagicVSK Match00 %1607Request
3 MLTE.S.Team PiratesEST1267 %1659Request
4 NORNORwegianSTEAMVSK Team2245 %1604Request
5 UNunited nACCions teamVSK Team520 %1565Request
6 UNTeam Tricky WindsTTW00 %1600Request
7 POLPOL-VSC Drink TeamPOL-VSC333 %1590Request
503 GREHD Team1100 %1620Request
Inactive NORNOR Steam UnionITBYC5084 %1889
Inactive GERTeam extra dryITBYC8270 %1825
Inactive ITACanaglie Racing TeamCRT4473 %1789
Inactive ITAI-War TeamVSK Ita1788 %1775
Inactive AUSTeam AussiemiteVSK Aus9272 %1754
Inactive USATeam USAVSK USA3773 %1747
Inactive RUSTeam Russia #11788 %1747
Inactive DENTeam DenmarkVSK Nordic3560 %1741
Inactive GERTeam GermanyOne1979 %1723
Inactive AUSTeam SkandiaVSK Aus8069 %1716
Inactive ITAEuro Stars Team AquaEST683 %1665
Inactive ITAABnormal Team2959 %1662
Inactive ITAEuro Stars Team ItaliaEST786 %1657
Inactive PORPOR Team1173 %1657
Inactive AUSAustralia Green771 %1643
Inactive GERVSKFunstersVSK Fun2945 %1642
Inactive ARGTeam South America 11164 %1641
Inactive ITAC®T 2CRT1856 %1640
Inactive GBRNew England863 %1638
Inactive AUSAustralia Gold1155 %1631
Inactive FRABWS Racing TeamBWS1050 %1621
Inactive UKRKozak TeamYSR2548 %1620
Inactive ESPTeam VSKE650 %1619
Inactive FRAVAC Team A1100 %1617
Inactive FRALamateam1100 %1616
Inactive GERTeam GER 31100 %1616
Inactive USAITBYC USA633 %1616
Inactive CANThe Boys of Beaver & Beer1100 %1615
Inactive FRARebels Yacht Club Black450 %1607
Inactive USALittle Fish Racing00 %1600
Inactive RSATeam South Africa00 %1600
Inactive TURTurquoise seas of Turkiye00 %1600
Inactive EUTeam YumaYuma00 %1600
Inactive NORTeam Anaconda00 %1600
Inactive NEDH2O00 %1600
Inactive ITABucanieri00 %1600
Inactive FRATeam France00 %1600
Inactive GERFriends of Seven Seas650 %1592
Inactive USATeam United540 %1590
Inactive EUEuro Stars Team VikingsEST1942 %1587
Inactive UNISAF RacingIR944 %1583
Inactive GERVSK Fun GreenhornsVSK Fun1540 %1579
Inactive RUSVladivostok RUS TeamVSK Rus520 %1576
Inactive GERCS-Team20 %1568
Inactive CHITeam South America 2520 %1554
Inactive ITASPQR Race30 %1553
Inactive BRATeam Patolandia40 %1549
Inactive GERVSK Fun OrcasVSK Fun40 %1548
Inactive ITAteam Cattivik40 %1545
Inactive ITAI-Team ForeverVSK Ita617 %1544
Inactive ITATeam Lupidimare2232 %1542
Inactive GERAdolescent Sailing Team40 %1541
Inactive AUSTeam Old FartsVSK Fun40 %1539
Inactive FRAVskipper Tiger Shark Team40 %1538
Inactive ITAFriends in the wind825 %1531
Inactive ITAVSKipper Shark Team1729 %1523
Inactive ITAGhost ChallengeVSK Ita1724 %1522
Inactive ITAVSKipper Medusa Team813 %1522
Inactive ITAA-Team60 %1522
Inactive SWETeam Sweden2133 %1515
Inactive FRARebels Yacht Club Red60 %1513
Inactive AUSTeam Illusion3941 %1510
Inactive ITATeam VSKA1414 %1499
Inactive AUSTeam One AustraliaVSK Aus8224 %1489
Inactive ITAScioScio Team1513 %1484
Inactive AUSAgent Provocateur1926 %1481
Inactive AUSTeam Rumbilical Brothers7342 %1478
Inactive FRARKN Team1921 %1471
Inactive ITAOnDe RockVSK Ita2726 %1450
Inactive AUSVictorious Secret5435 %1440
Inactive EUTeam EuropeITBYC4922 %1401
    Enter your team 0 0 % 1600

Brief introduction: VTC is not a tournament, but a continous ongoing team racing center, where you can challenge any team of the VSK team racing community. It is also a database where all team racing results in the VSK community should be submitted. The ranking is based on the ladder concept: If you win over a higher ranked team, you will climb half of the distance to this team on the ranking. Read the sailing instructions to learn the details and to get information on how to sign up. Gather a team and join the fun!