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Team name:Victorious Secret
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Team members: Sagacious (admin)
Soggy Sox
Born from an egg on a Mountain top in 2007.....With an ability to spot a glamour from 500 yards and a Fresh beer from 1000. Sailing sometimes gets in the way of drinking and perving but we live with that. As long as we beat the Rumbros and those evil VEGE-Mights we are a happy sailing crew. See you all in the ITBYC WTRC!

Challenge History
Date Winning Team Ranking Losing Team   Ranking   Score Points
2008-11-28Team Aussiemite~Victorious Secret~2-15
2008-11-20Team Skandia~Victorious Secret~3-05
2008-11-07Team Aussiemite~Victorious Secret~3-05
2008-11-06Team Skandia~Victorious Secret~3-05
2008-10-29Team Rumbilical BrothersUp 1Victorious SecretDown 13-018
2008-10-23Team One Australia~Victorious Secret~2-113
2008-10-23Team One Australia~Victorious Secret~2-116
2008-10-23Team One Australia~Victorious Secret~2-118
2008-10-23Team Aussiemite~Victorious Secret~3-07
2008-10-10Team Aussiemite~Victorious Secret~3-07
2008-09-25Team Skandia~Victorious Secret~3-08
2008-09-12Agent ProvocateurUp 3Victorious SecretDown 12-114
2008-09-05Team Illusion~Victorious Secret~2-116
2008-09-04Team Skandia~Victorious Secret~3-09
2008-08-28Team Aussiemite~Victorious Secret~3-013
2008-08-21Team Illusion~Victorious Secret~3-020
2008-08-11Victorious Secret~Team One Australia~3-07
2008-08-11Victorious SecretUp 1Team AussiemiteDown 12-119
2008-07-18Team Skandia~Victorious Secret~3-011
2008-07-18Victorious SecretUp 1Team IllusionDown 13-013
2008-07-03Team AussiemiteUp 1Victorious SecretDown 13-016
2008-07-01Team AussiemiteUp 3Victorious SecretDown 14-118
2008-06-27Victorious Secret~Team Illusion~3-013
2008-06-27Victorious Secret~Team One Australia~2-111
2008-06-20Team Skandia~Victorious Secret~3-012
2008-06-19Victorious Secret~Team Rumbilical Brothers~2-118
2008-06-13Victorious Secret~Team Aussiemite~3-018
2008-06-13Victorious Secret~Team One Australia~2-18
2008-06-07Team USA~Victorious Secret~3-09
2008-06-06Victorious Secret~Team One Australia~3-09
2008-05-30Team Skandia~Victorious Secret~2-114
2008-05-29Team IllusionUp 2Victorious SecretDown 13-019
2008-05-23Victorious Secret~Team One Australia~2-110
2008-05-22Team Rumbilical Brothers~Victorious Secret~2-113
2008-05-16Victorious SecretUp 2Team Rumbilical BrothersDown 12-121
2008-05-09Victorious Secret~Team One Australia~2-112
2008-05-09Victorious Secret~Team Illusion~3-017
2008-05-06Team Rumbilical Brothers~Victorious Secret~3-212
2008-05-01Victorious SecretUp 3Team SkandiaDown 12-120
2008-05-01Team Rumbilical Brothers~Victorious Secret~3-013
2008-04-29Team Rumbilical Brothers~Victorious Secret~3-014
2008-04-18Victorious Secret~Team One Australia~2-118
2008-04-18Victorious Secret~Team Illusion~2-118
2008-04-16Victorious Secret~Team Illusion~2-120
2008-04-08Team Rumbilical Brothers~Victorious Secret~3-014
2008-04-08Team Rumbilical Brothers~Victorious Secret~2-117
2008-03-31Victorious Secret~Adolescent Sailing Team~2-118
2008-03-30NORwegianSTEAMUp 2Victorious SecretDown 12-113
2008-03-14Team Skandia~Victorious Secret~2-113
2008-03-14Victorious SecretUp 2Team Rumbilical BrothersDown 12-116
2008-03-07Team extra dry~Victorious Secret~3-010
2008-03-03OnDe Rock~Victorious Secret~3-015
2008-02-19Team Skandia~Victorious Secret~3-016
2008-02-12Team Skandia~Victorious Secret~3-018