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Team Racing Cup


Team Racing Cup is a flexible team racing competiton, where new teams are compiled for every race. It's open for 4, 6 or 8 skippers, but if more are signed up the field will be devided in groups.

The TRC service enables you to create your own events and have race tables automatically created, with scores being updated from race to race.

If there are drop-outs, new skippers can be substituted on the fly. Just click on the boat to replace on the race table. Or click on the pencil to edit an entire race. Or click below the table to add a new race. The event admin can also manually arrange a rotation system, if more boats are signed up than the format allow. For example a 3vs3 event with 8 boats, where all boats will have 1 break during 3 races.

You can also start an event without any skippers signed up, but instead manually assign skippers on the teams on the race table. This can be convenient on public TR servers with new skippers dropping in and out. You just have to ask them to register to the site before they can join your race.

Latest TRC Events
Date Time Title Admin Ranked Entries Status
Saturday February 17th 202420:30 CET2024 Kick-offeuphoria4
Saturday February 17th 202420:30 CET2024 Kick-off #2euphoria4
Wednesday February 2nd 202219:00 CETTRC-2 2022euphoria7
Sunday January 30th 202218:30 CET2022 Kick-offeuphoria6
Thursday February 11th 202119:30 cetfirst offi of 2021jiel6
Friday December 11th 202019:00 cetFriday 11 decemberjiel4
Friday December 4th 202019:00 cetFriday 4 decemberjiel6
Friday November 27th 202019:00 cetFriday 27 Nov 19h00jiel4
Friday November 20th 202019:00 cetFriday 20 Novjiel6
Friday November 13th 202019:00 cetFriday 13 november 19h00jiel6


TRC Ranking - Top 50%

  Country Boat name Team Club Events Level
1 NOReuphoriaNORwegianSTEAMVSK Team Racing Center2186%
2 ITASailgoodVSK Italia2282%
3 BRAsamuelTeam Tricky WindsTricky Winds2878%
4 RUSPArusRUS TeamVSK Russia1371%
5 RUSIlyaRUS TeamVSK Russia1970%
6 FRAjielunited nACCions team5164%
7 FRAzezBWS Racing Team155%
8 CANFairplay655%
9 FRAkent-38French MagicVSK Match154%
10 RUSShurazRUS TeamVSK Russia4154%
11 PORChicoVSK Portugal153%
12 FRAjimiFrench MagicVSK Match652%
13 RUSSoVaRUS TeamVSK Russia3552%
14 RUSMarkRUS TeamVSK Russia252%
15 FRALG07French MagicVSK Match1551%
16 CRCDrao251%
17 ESPCarly M@sterTeam Tricky WindsVirtual Winds451%
18 ITALottatori250%


Races with open protests

Race Table
Date Race Red Team Winner Blue Team